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Are you a good candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Is stem cell therapy right for you?

An orthopaedic injury can have a serious impact on your life, limiting your mobility and putting you constant pain.  Dr. Imran Ashraf is leading the way in innovative medicine, using non-surgical methods like stem cells and prp therapies to treat orthopaedic conditions and injuries.  Many patients who have undergone stem cell therapy treatments under Dr. Ashraf’s care have avoided surgery and experienced long-term pain relief.

To determine if stem cell therapy might be right for you, Dr. Imran Ashraf will have a consultation with you to review your medical conditions.  Your consultation may include diagnostic testing to ensure that stem cell therapy is an appropriate treatment option for you.

Stem cell therapy is often a good treatment for patients who:

  • Would like to avoid invasive surgery.
  • Would like to avoid extended healing times.
  • Are in chronic pain due to an orthopedic condition, aging or injury.

Dr. Ashraf is one of the few doctors in our area trained to offer this cutting edge therapy.  Schedule a consultation today and find out if stem cell therapy can bring you the relief from pain you’ve been looking for.